McClure Mediation, LLC

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Fees and Policies


Two parties

$125/hour per party ($250/hour total)

Three parties

$100/hour-per party ($300/hour total)

(represented by separate counsel)

Fees for certain court mandated mediations with stipulated fees are those set by the corresponding court.

Fees are assessed in quarter hour increments.

Fees are billed to the parties’ attorneys.

Minimum fee

Two hours for half day; four hours for full day.


Travel Policy

No time charge for travel.

Mediation Venues:
Commodious mediation facilities are arranged in Florida counties where corresponding circuit courts are located. There is no charge to mediation participants for such facilities.


Cancellation Policy

No charge for cancellations seven or more calendar days prior to scheduled mediation. Thereafter, minimum charges apply. May be proportioned pro rata if the parties agree; otherwise, the fee will be charged to the cancelling party.


Please call 727 595-1973 or 727 692-9263.


Half-day mediations are typically scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm or from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. If a morning session cannot be completed prior to another party’s scheduled mediation session, or by the end of the day for afternoon sessions, a continuation session on another day may be necessary. We will work with all parties to provide the time to complete mediation and minimize schedule disruptions.


Special Accommodations

Please inform us of any special accommodations that may be required for a disabled participant for the mediation session.


Case Summaries Submissions

Please send any case issues summaries you wish to be reviewed prior to the mediation session via email ( or mail (13940 88th Terrace N, Seminole, FL 33776). Summaries might include factual information about the case, legal issues, previous negotiations, and similar information that would help orient the mediator to the case.


Authority to settle

Please be aware that Florida statutes require that each party have a representative present at mediation who is authorized to settle disputed matters.



Mediation is subject to the provisions of the Florida Mediation Confidentiality Act, Florida Statute 44.102, 44.107 and 44.401-44.406, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise and so inform the mediator in writing. Consequently, all communications made during the mediation process shall be treated as confidential, except where disclosure is required or permitted by law.
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